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10 Smallest Countries in Europe

The smallest nations in the world have all the time intrigued me. How did they manage to remain unbiased and never get swallowed up by their much larger neighbors? What wouldn’t it feel to stay in a country smaller than many cities? How comparable is the tradition to that of the close by nations? I’ve now been to the 10 smallest nations in Europe, so I needed to share my experiences together with some fascinating details about these tiny nations in Europe.

The Vatican – Smallest Country in Europe

At simply zero.17 square miles (zero.44 square kilometers) the Vatican is the smallest country in Europe and the smallest nation in world by area. The Disneyland theme park in California is greater than the Vatican. It sits solely inside the city of Rome, and the Vatican has less than 800 residents, none of whom are everlasting residents. This additionally makes the Vatican the smallest nation in the world by inhabitants.

I’ve now visited 3 times, and despite the fact that it’s a really fascinating place crammed with stories of scandals and delightful art, I feel 3 times is perhaps my restrict for the smallest unbiased nation in the world.

>>We took this Early Entry Sistine Chapel and Vatican tour and it was well worth the early wake-up time.

The Vatican is the smallest nation in Europe – and in the world!


The Principality of Monaco is 0.78 sq. miles (2.02 square kilometers) and borders only France and the Mediterranean Sea. It is the second smallest nation in Europe and the second smallest country in the world. With a inhabitants of over 36,000, it’s the most densely populated country in the world. The tiny country is understood for casinos and Formulation One racing. Monaco doesn’t cost revenue tax, has the very best number of millionaires and billionaires per capita in the world, and has 0% unemployment. It is NOT an affordable nation.

I visited throughout my first journey to Europe in 1994, and all of these footage are film and stored in my mother and father’ basement. Regardless that Andy and I deliberate to take a day journey there from Nice in Might, we have been exhausted and decided to skip it. But we did catch a glimpse from the practice on our strategy to Italy.

10 smallest countries in Europe - Monaco, 2nd smallest country in EuropeOne of the smallest nations in Europe, Monaco is bordered solely by France.

San Marino

Another tiny nation utterly surrounded by Italy, San Marino has an area of 23.6 square miles (61.2 sq. kilometers). It is the oldest republic in the world and the third smallest country in Europe. When Garibaldi was uniting Italy, he left San Marino alongside because they let him seek refuge there when he was fleeing from the Austrians a decade earlier.

Andy and I visited San Marino in June on a day trip from Rimini, Italy. The views are superb from the excessive perch of the capital city. Undoubtedly value a visit should you’re in the Emilia Romagna area of Italy.

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10 smallest countries in Europe - San Marino is the 3rd smallest country in EuropeSan Marino is among the smallest nations in Europe, and the oldest republic in the world.


The nation of Liechtenstein is sandwiched between Switzerland and Austria. Its space is 61.78 square miles (160 sq. kilometers), making it the fourth smallest nation in Europe. It does not have a practice station, however you possibly can easily attain it by bus from the close by practice stations in Austria and Switzerland. It is one in every of solely two nations in the world that is doubly landlocked (Uzbekistan is the opposite one), which means it is surrounded by only different landlocked nations. Liechtenstein makes use of the Swiss Franc as its foreign money. This small country is the world’s largest producer of false tooth.

Andy and I went to Liechtenstein shortly after I moved to Germany. Our condominium was still present process a number of remaining renovations, and we would have liked a break. As soon as we received out of the capital metropolis of Vaduz, the nation was very charming and delightful. We’re normally metropolis individuals, but being up in the quiet mountains of Liechtenstein was very nice.

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10 smallest countries in Europe - Liechtenstein is the 4th smallest country in EuropeNot only is Liechtenstein one of many smallest nations in Europe, however it’s certainly one of solely two nations in the world that’s double landlocked!


Malta is an island nation in the Mediterranean masking about 122 sq. miles (316 square kilometers) which is just a bit smaller than the town of Atlanta. It’s the smallest country in the EU, and the fifth smallest nation in Europe. It consists of three inhibited islands, Malta, Gozo and Comino, plus a handful of uninhibited islands. It is south of Sicily, east of Tunisia, and north of Libya. Malta has two official languages, Maltese and English, and it gained independence from the UK in 1964.

A good friend of mine married a guy from Malta several years in the past, and once they went again to Malta to have a church wedding ceremony there, she asked me to be in the wedding. I spent my time discovering Gozo, the secondary island that makes up the country of Malta, since that’s where he was from. I’d love to go back and see extra of this small country someday since I didn’t get to do much sightseeing.

10 smallest countries in Europe - Malta is the 5th smallest country in Europe and the smallest country in the EU - Malta Azure WindowMalta is the fifth smallest country in Europe and the smallest country in the EU. Sadly, the Azure Window, pictured here, has lately collapsed.

Calpurnia – but not likely

Since so lots of you arrive at this submit looking for information about Calpurnia in Europe, I needed to clear things up. The nation of Calpurnia is just not one of many smallest nations in Europe. In reality, it’s not an actual nation at all. I’m guessing you latterly watched a film referred to as A Royal Winter, which takes place in the made-up country of Calpurnia.

Anyway, I hope you’re enjoying my record of the smallest nations in Europe – the actual ones!


Andorra is a mountainous country in between France and Spain. This European nation is barely bigger than Malta with an space of 180.7 square miles (468 sq. kilometers). It’s the sixth smallest nation in Europe, and its capital, Andorra la Vella, has the very best elevation of any European capital. The official language is Catalan, although Spanish and French are extensively spoken as nicely. Andorra is usually recognized for purchasing as a consequence of its obligation free status and snowboarding in the Pyrenees in the winter months. There are not any airports or practice stations, so to get there you either should drive or take a bus.

Andy and I made a brief one night time stop in Andorra last summer time before persevering with on to Barcelona. It was fascinating to me that even in the touristy areas, indicators have been in Catalan, Spanish and French, however no English. Identical to with Liechtenstein, we thought the nation was a lot nicer outdoors of the capital metropolis.

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10 smallest countries in Europe - Andorra is the 6th smallest country in EuropeSandwiched in between Spain and France, Andorra is likely one of the smallest nations in Europe.


Locked in between Belgium, Germany and France, Luxembourg has an area of about 998 sq. miles (2,586 square kilometers) and is the seventh smallest nation in Europe. That is still greater than 200 square miles smaller than the state of Rhode Island. Luxembourgish, French, and German are the official languages. Each language is used in totally different levels of faculty and every one serves a unique function in society, so most individuals converse all three.

This was where Andy and I began our trip in Might. Although we did take pleasure in seeing Vianden Fort, we were not so impressed with the remainder of our time in this small nation. I’ve heard it’s an ideal country for climbing and different outside actions, though the capital wasn’t our thing.

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10 smallest countries in Europe- Luxembourg is the 7th smallest country in EuropeLuxembourg is the seventh smallest nation in Europe, yet it has three official languages.


Cyprus is the 8th smallest country in Europe and is situated in the southeastern nook of the Mediterranean Sea. It covers an space of 3,568 square miles, and it’s the third largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily and Sardinia. Whereas a lot of the world recognizes the whole island as one nation, the northern part (about 1/three of the island) considers itself the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Nevertheless, Turkey is the one country in the world that recognizes Northern Cyprus as a separate country. Greek is spoken in the south, and Turkish is spoken in the north. The euro is the official foreign money of the south, however the north uses the Turkish lira.

I traveled to Cyprus a couple of years in the past once I was getting impatient with Berlin’s lengthy winter. I spent 8 days in Cyprus visiting 4 cities in the south and one in the north. It was a stunning nation with a lot of ruins and castles and a shocking shoreline. Cyprus can also be one of the warmest nations in Europe, so I’d return if I want another quick break from chilly climate.

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10 smallest countries in Europe - Cyprus, 8th smallest country in EuropeCyprus is the eighth smallest nation in Europe and a bit controversial.


At 4,212 sq. miles, slightly smaller than Connecticut, Kosovo is the 9th smallest nation in Europe. However like Cyprus, it’s a controversial one. Kosovo was once a part of Yugoslavia, and afterwards, part of Serbia. In February 2008, Kosovo declared its independence from Serbia, however Serbia (together with a handful of other nations) still doesn’t recognize this declaration. During and after the battle in the 90s and 2000s, the US did lots to help Kosovo. The country still remembers this, and at the moment in Pristina, the capital, you’ll discover a statue of Bill Clinton, and streets named for Clinton, George Bush, and Robert Dole. For such a small country, it’s full of historical past.

I only spent four days in Kosovo, however it was an interesting 4 days. The individuals have been incredibly pleasant and useful, and the whole lot was inexpensive. I visited 3 totally different cities, and each was distinctive. My journey was at occasions devastatingly unhappy, however at different moments, it was heartwarming to see how the individuals are working by means of such a traumatic previous. For those who get the prospect to visit the most recent nation in Europe, I like to recommend it.

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10 smallest countries in Europe - Kosovo, 9th smallest country in EuropeKosovo is the ninth smallest country in Europe, although Serbia nonetheless claims it.


Montenegro covers an area of 5,333 square miles and is the 10th smallest country in Europe. That is about 500 sq. miles greater than Connecticut. It was as soon as part of Yugoslavia, and from 2003 to 2006, it was a part of nation of Serbia and Montenegro. In contrast to Kosovo, Montenegro cut up from Serbia with no objections. Despite being such a small nation, Montenegro’s landscapes range from rugged mountains to seaside beaches, and you may even find one of many last remaining rain forests in Europe right here. The official foreign money is the euro, but Montenegro is just not in the eurozone and does not print or mint any of the foreign money.

While planning a visit to Bosnia a couple of years in the past, I decided to add on four days in Montenegro because the nations border each other. I spent 2 days in Kotor and a couple of days in Budva. Each have been beautiful, but I appreciated Kotor’s previous town higher. In case you’re up to the challenge, hike up the hill to the fort that overlooks the city. It’s more than 1300 rocky, uneven stairs to the highest, and I only made it up about 1/3 of them. Montenegro is one small European nation I’d like to return to someday.

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10 smallest countries in Europe - Montenegro, 10th smallest country in EuropeRegardless of being the 10th smallest nation in Europe, Montenegro is sort of numerous.

Extra fascinating details concerning the smallest nations in Europe

  • Within the listing of the 10 smallest nations in Europe, Malta and Cyprus are the only island nations.
  • Three of the 10 smallest nations border France: Monaco, Andorra, and Luxembourg.
  • The only 2 nations on the record which are utterly surrounded by one other country are the Vatican and San Marino, they usually’re both surrounded by Italy.
  • Six of the 10 smallest nations in Europe are landlocked: Andorra, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Vatican, San Marino, Kosovo.
  • The whole space of all 10 nations added up equals about 14,500 square miles. That’s roughly the dimensions of Connecticut and Maryland mixed.
  • The 10 smallest nations in Europe embrace the most recent nation in Europe (Kosovo) and the oldest (San Marino).
  • These small nations all use the Euro, apart from Liechtenstein and the northern part of Cyprus.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this journey by means of the 10 smallest nations in Europe. Though these nations are all very small, they pack quite a bit in. Every has its own culture and history, and a singular place in Europe. Some, like Andorra, are somewhat harder to get to and require somewhat more planning, but then there’s the Vatican proper in the center of Rome.

It’s onerous to actually grasp how small they are or perceive much about their history without visiting, and I’d extremely advocate traveling to at the very least a couple of of them. I’m making an attempt to curtail my list-ticking tendencies nowadays, but I’m glad to have been to the smallest nations in Europe.

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Tiny nations intrigue me. Do you know what the 10 smallest countries in Europe are? Here's a look at my experiences traveling to all 10 of Europe's smallest nations, plus some quirky facts about each one. | smallest country in Europe | smallest country in the world #europe

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