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What is Cider? Guide to Cider Brands

What is Cider? (And why are not many people drinking this yet in The Netherlands?)

The Journey Tester takes an in depth take a look at what cider is, the way it is made and which prime cider manufacturers are on the market to take pleasure in… Cheers!

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Everybody who is aware of me a bit, is aware of that ever since I traveled to Australia in 2006 and later even moved there in 2011, I turned an enormous fan of the drink ‘cider’. I’m not such a beer lover and consuming wine all night time is often not a good suggestion with me, so cider turned out to be my good drink.

Now dwelling within the UK, I’m fortunate too, as a result of right here within the South, cider could be discovered all over the place and it is additionally produced right here lots. It is available in all styles and sizes and each time I’ve tried a brand new model or style, I pull the label from the bottle and put it in a scrapbook. Sure, I’m a hoarder, I do know!

Quickly after discovering cider, I observed that within the Netherlands, cider doesn’t actually have the identical standing because it has right here in England. Many individuals don’t even actually know what it precisely is.

With apple cider manufacturers similar to ‘Jillz’ and ‘Apple Bandit’ from Heineken (who’re desperately making an attempt to get the Dutch to drink cider), there appears to be some curiosity within the cider right here and there, so on my web site The London Tester, I made a decision to inform my Dutch viewers extra about it (on this information). However in fact I translated the article, so you’ll be able to take pleasure in it right here on The Journey Tester in English as properly.

Whether or not you’re already a cider fan, otherwise you’re asking your self proper now: ‘What is Cider?’. This information is for you!

Disclaimer:  I wrote this text from my very own ardour for cider, it is by no means sponsored by a cider model. Keep in mind: underneath 18 no alcohol and drink carefully!


What is Cider? (And why are not many people drinking this yet in The Netherlands?) || The Travel Tester


What we’ll cowl on this article

What Precisely is Cider?

In accordance to Wikipedia, cider is “an alcoholic drink that is made from the juice of fruits, especially apples, in principle without the addition of extra sugar.” It is typically in contrast to beer, since you often drink it from the identical sort of glass (or from a bottle) and it appears a bit the identical, however truly it is extra like a wine made out of apples.

When it comes to style, apple cider drinks are additionally a lot sweeter than beer and there is no bitter after style, one thing that I personally don’t like about beer in any respect. In the event you pour cider right into a glass, there is additionally no head of froth like you could have on beer.

Besides in fact right here within the UK, the place they serve each beer and cider actually to the brim of the glass, which makes strolling with the glass tremendous inconvenient, however that is a narrative for an additional time.


What is Cider? (And why are not many people drinking this yet in The Netherlands?) || The Travel Tester

Cider how to make it? Maintain studying!


How is Cider Made?

Cider, Cidre, Sidra, Apfelwein, Ice Wine … Regardless of the drink is referred to as all over the world, ciders are principally created from the recent juice of apples. In fact not the apple juice that you simply may drink at breakfast, as a result of a extra bitter, low-sugar apple is used. These cider apples have excessive tannin content material and are often not likely meant to be eaten identical to that.

The kind of apple used may also change the style of the cider. For instance, in France, the style of cider is extra delicate and fruity, whereas in Nice Britain and Eire it is extra strong and agency.

Making cider is a comparatively straightforward course of. There is no cider brewing course of, however as an alternative the apples are picked, floor (‘scratted‘) and the pulp (‘pommage‘) is put in barrels the place it may possibly ferment simply. After the apple juice has fermented, it should mature for about three months (up to three years!) earlier than it is drunk.

The share alcohol apple cider accommodates can differ significantly, however often there is between four% and eight.5% alcohol in apple cider. There are additionally manufacturers from the USA and Canada that even go up to 12%.

Have you ever tried producing hand-crafted apple cider but? I’d love to give it a go typically! 

Quickly I’m visiting the Thatchers cider brewery (? I feel ‘factory’, or in all probability’cider farm’ is a greater time period right here), so I’ll inform you all concerning the apple cider making course of there! Keep tuned!


What is Cider? (And why are not many people drinking this yet in The Netherlands?) || The Travel TesterThe old school method of creating cider: with a cider press! 


A Brief Historical past of Cider

Do you know that till pretty lately apples weren’t eaten in any respect? They have been typically too bitter! This jogs my memory of the apple timber that we used to have on our allotment again in Amsterdam. You would by no means simply eat them from the tree, however they all the time had to be processed into for instance apple sauce … or cider, apparently! Missed alternative!

So what individuals used to do was squeeze the juice out of the apples after which let it ferment into alcohol. It even appears that the pharaohs in historic Egypt already hung round in apple timber at 1300 BC. Sensible guys!

Whether or not or not they actually drank cider, we’re unsure, however they drank beer, in order that they knew how to ferment. In any case, it is recognized that the Romans definitely got here into contact with cider round 55 BC once they entered the ports of the British Isles. As with so many issues that the Romans found, the story quickly circulated round Europe and ‘cider’ was an idea.


What is Cider? (And why are not many people drinking this yet in The Netherlands?) || The Travel Tester

Cider / Beer? What’s Your Selection?


What is the Distinction Between Ciders from Different Nations?

An enormous distinction between the cider that is made in numerous nations around the globe, is the best way of alcoholic fermentation. With the British, Irish and French, the drink turns into bubbly by binding fermenting carbon dioxide to wine (or including carbonic acid to the wine within the extra industrially produced wines). In France, very top quality ‘cidre‘ is typically made in the identical method as champagne, by fermentation on the bottle itself.

In Germany, they let the pure carbon dioxide escape from the wine, supplying you with a so-called ‘silent‘ wine. I additionally noticed this in Oviedo in northern Spain, the place they poured out the cider (‘sidra‘) from very excessive within the air within the glass, in order that oxygen returned to the drink and it got here again to life. . There they drank small bits of cider as a sort of shot, as a result of for those who waited too lengthy, the carbon dioxide was gone and the cider turned too bitter. This ritual is referred to as ‘escansiar‘ and is enjoyable to watch whereas having fun with a chew!

There is additionally a distinction in the kind of consuming glasses used within the numerous nations for consuming cider. In England, you get all of the cider in a ‘pint‘ glass with ice, however you’ll typically get cider from a ‘Geripptes‘ glass in Germany, which you’ll be able to acknowledge by the diamond sample. In France, you typically get a type of flat bowl to drink from and in some locations you even get an earthenware cup! For the extra refined ciders, you typically get a wineglass in France (I noticed this in Canada too, they name it extra ‘Ice Wine‘, not likely cider).

The glasses are all fairly vast, so the cider can combine properly with the oxygen, which make it simpler for the aromas to launch.


What is Cider? (And why are not many people drinking this yet in The Netherlands?) || The Travel TesterCider from South-Africa


What is Cider? (And why are not many people drinking this yet in The Netherlands?) || The Travel Tester

Cider from Wales, Sidra from Spain and Cidre from France


What is Cider? (And why are not many people drinking this yet in The Netherlands?) || The Travel Tester

Cider from England


What Are the Totally different Varieties of Ciders?

As an alternative of apples, pears are additionally used for some ciders. This is personally my favourite! On this case, you’re truly speaking about ‘Perenwijn‘ (Netherlands), a ‘Perry‘ (UK) or a ‘Poiré‘ (France).

There are additionally numerous ciders out there with different fruits, corresponding to berries, elderflower, lime or ardour fruit. This is not for everybody although, as a result of they are often fairly candy.


How do you Mix Cider with Meals?

In the event you like to eat apple sauce together with your meals (quite common in The Netherlands), then think about how consuming cider with the identical sort of meals may even works rather well. With a pleasant piece of meat (particularly pork), with fish, stews and even a barbecue, you identify it, it’s going to go nicely with cider!

Moreover, cider tastes good with cheese, fruit pies, or only a handful of peanuts within the pub. In fact you don’t actually need an excuse to take pleasure in a glass of cider, haha!


What is Cider? (And why are not many people drinking this yet in The Netherlands?) || The Travel Tester


What are Common Cider Energy?

I had a fast take a look at energy in ciders, and this is what I discovered for a few of the greater manufacturers:

Bulmers Mild Irish Cider – 99 energy per 12 oz
Magners Irish Cider – 125 energy per 12 oz
Strongbow Cider – 140 energy per 12 oz
Kopparberg Combined Fruit Cider – 140 energy per 12 oz

You’ll be able to say that a mean cider may have round 125-140 energy per 12 oz (can measurement)


What is Cider? (And why are not many people drinking this yet in The Netherlands?) || The Travel Tester

Cider in Australia, Cider in America, Cider in Finland, Cider in England


Cider Festivals within the UK

Listed here are few cider festivals, cider occasions and beer festivals together with cider makers not to miss:


What is Cider? (And why are not many people drinking this yet in The Netherlands?) || The Travel Tester

Cider in Eire, Cider in Finland and Cider in Canada



What are Dutch Cider Brands?

I assumed there have been solely two Dutch cider manufacturers, however after a little bit of analysis I discovered much more, yeah! I’ve not been in a position to attempt them myself but, however right here you will discover extra info:


What are Irish & British Cider Brands?

There are numerous varieties of British and Irish cider manufacturers, however listed here are some good ones:


There is usually a little bit of confusion concerning the cider Bulmers, as a result of there are literally two manufacturers. I solely found this just lately and it blew my thoughts! So, “Bulmers Cider” is named after the British cider maker H.P. Bulmer from Hereford, England, which makes its personal Bulmers cider and in addition Strongbow cider. The corporate is owned by Heineken Worldwide.

“Bulmers Irish Cider” is a cider from the Irish C & C Group, which solely sells underneath this model identify inside the Republic of Eire. In all different locations on the planet it is bought as “Magners”.

Ahhh !!


What Are Different Tasty Ciders?

I additionally discover the next manufacturers of ciders very tasty:


What is Cider? Extra Info!

Nonetheless not sufficient info? I can think about! ? Listed here are some extra nice assets about Cider:



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I’m very curious to discover out in case you have heard of cider earlier than and/or in case you have already tasted it? Cider Drinkers, inform me your favourite manufacturers? I’d love to attempt it! Cheers Everybody!

nlNederlands (Dutch)